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This is a true story of a transsexual by the name of Rianna (name changed to protect ) that I have in recent years fishmpegs to see. I have had several sex sessions with women, men and transsexuals, and all have enjoyed over the years. I'm always drawn back to Rianna, there is something special about them. A couple of Saturdays, my wife had managed to get a night of women, so he dropped it and had already been in contact with Rianna on this day to make an appointment with her. I Rianna in place, and fishmpegs looked absolutely beautiful. She wore a beautiful black dress mini- sequence with the sequence of platform shoes. Her makeup was perfect begging with her ​​red lips to be kissed just beautiful. At the time I entered the room, she kissed me deeply and gave me back the passion I put my tongue deep into her fishmpegs mouth. I ran my hand and penis rubbing against her dress, which was in flames. I knelt and fishmpegs lifted the dress of a red g- string show which I quickly walked away and left his beautiful 8 inch cock. I started to suck and get her hard and grabbed my head and began to fuck my mouth, I fishmpegs was in heaven. They released me from his hands, and I took her panties fishmpegs so that I could have better access to their balls and ass. I sucked balls and began to finger her ass then was returned to her ass with my mouth and began to put his tongue in the ass, which drives them crazy. She took my hand and led me to the bedroom where we undressed. He lay in bed looking beautiful, I wanted to sleep with her and fishmpegs go, never ends. I'm in bed between her legs and started sucking her beautiful cock again. You all that I suck it all worth it in the throat tail. After a while I lay down beside her and we kissed each other as she lit my nipples. I told him to fuck my mouth, I love it. He was straddling my face, whereas before my penis and she sank the cockin my mouth, got into my throat to the point where I almost drowned. While I was doing my stiff cock jerking like crazy and enjoy every second of it. Pushed more and more and finally I was about his penis and testicles in the mouth and gasped. I could feel my orgasm rapidly approaching and shot my load all over his stomach and chest. She loves it when I run, sometimes I think it more to see me cum when cuming. When he finished he gave me a massage for about 20 minutes by Rianna with special attention to my ass before I was hot again. Once I found that we were there again, and she was in my mouth and throat fucking, but this time I could control my orgasm, and I wanted to taste. I was approaching its climax, when he began to fuck my mouth faster and faster, his whole body tensed when he shot a huge load in my mouth, I managed to swallow, but ithas escaped me, fed me, did not last long and was seconds away from her orgasm. After finishing my stomach had licked and fed some to me, she knows that I love, but most took it himself. We lie in bed and talked for half an hour before fishmpegs I had to go. I like sex with Rianna and I can not wait for the next meeting. I hope to catch up before Christmas, so I give is the best gift - my ass to her shows how much I love her. I'll let you know what happens.
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